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Adam Strug
Adam Strug



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w każdy czwartek o 15:15 w radiowej Dwójce.

"Owszem Mazowsze"

w każdą niedzielę o 19:10 w TVP3 Warszawa

Authorial music

Leśny Bożek

Adam Strug
2017 | Publisher Unzipped Fly Records


Adam Strug
2015 | Publisher Universal Music Polska

Strug . Leśmian . Soyka

Adam Strug, Stanisław Sojka
2014 | Publisher Universal Music Polska


Adam Strug
2012 | Publisher 4ever MUSIC

Polish music

It is the most beautiful music in the world – and it is ours. There is nothing – dear Reader – nothing more beautiful than singing Polish country folks. Yet the term "folk music" is misleading in this case: the baroque scores dominate here, scores of bothmonastic and court origin, which country folks adopted and regarded as its own. Among these, genuinely folk motifs can be found, with their noble line and a swee burden not at all inferior to the court music of this times. This is just the part of Polish culture we tell as we sing.

Requiem Polskie

Monodia Polska
2011 | Publisher Słuchaj Uchem

Pieśń o Bożym umęczeniu

Adam Strug
2014 | Publisher Polona/Ruch Muzyczny

Requiem ludowe

Kwadrofonik i Adam Strug
2015 | Publisher Polskie Radio/NINA